Only a generation ago, every meal started with a simple trip to the neighbourhood farmers’ market and corner butcher. The ingredients were local and real, filled with heart-warming flavours unique to the world just outside the front door.

füdi specially prepared foods take you back to those honest-to-goodness times. Every hand-selected ingredient we slice, dice and add to our gourmet recipes is sourced right here, where good things grow, in Southern Ontario.

Through an all-natural, preservative-free sous-vide cooking process, we prepare our gourmet dishes slowly to coax the maximum amount of flavour from every ingredient for every bite. The result is a wholesome selection of international dishes painstakingly perfected to appeal to the discriminating foodie in all of us.

With füdi, authentic flavour is as close as your local grocer; already prepared, so you have more time to get the most out of life.